Re: lazy bowel

From: Debbie (
Fri Jan 16 15:42:40 2004

I have colonic inertia. I have endometriosis and have always had problems with constipation. The constipation became increasingly worse after bowel resection surgery in 2001. At one point I went 17 days without a bowel movement which landed me in the ER. It was after this event that I was referred to a colorectal surgeon for evaluation. He ordered numerous bowel studies. The diagnosis was, as I said, colonic inertia.

I've had a few surgeries over the years for endometriosis and adenomyosis. At each surgery there have been adhesions in various places, always on the sigmoid colon, as well as endo on the bowel. Due to my long history with endo I have had to be on narcotic pain meds for a very long time. It is the pain medication that has probably caused my colonic inertia.

I wanted to reply to your post simply because I wasn't sure what lazy bowel meant but that my situation is probably similar to yours in some way.

Best of luck to you.


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