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From: Sheila Preston (
Sun Jan 25 15:42:46 2004

I just found this wonderful web site tonight. And I wanted to thank those responsible for it. It has a wealth of information. I had my first adhesions before I had ever had any surgery. When my appendix was taken out my parents were told to expect the surgery to take about an hour, it took almost three hours. The doctor explained that I had a mass of adhesions. It took him that long to remove all of them. He explained that my appendix had been flaring up for some time, like an infection, and had formed these adhesions. I didn't think anything else about it for years. But after having my first son I was racked with pain. He was only two weeks old when I had to return to the hospital to have my gallbladder removed. I was ok for a while but then the pain returned in my lower pelvic area. I went to the ER and was admitted, they ran several tests and was told that they couldn't find anything on the test so the doctor suggested exploratory surgery. It was then that he found the adhesions. He told me they were every where and he could see why I was in so much pain. Again I was fine for a while but then the pain returned. To me it felt like the same pain that I had when I had the gallbladder attack. And nothing would help it. I went to doctor after doctor begging for releif. I had every test that there was but nothing was showing up.The pain was also starting to change, it was no longer following and pattern and it was happening more often. The pain now felt different.I told my doctors this and was told it was IBS. I didn't think it was but took all the different meds they gave me for it. None of it worked. And I am at the point where if I hear another doctor tell me it's IBS I will scream. I sometimes think they use that because they don't know what else to do. I finally switched doctors to my current Upper GI and he again ran all the test on me. He finally said I had Cronic Functional Pain and suggested I see a surgeon about exploratory surgery. I have seen several surgeons and none of them will do the surgery. They tell me that if it is adhesions they will only return if I have surgery. But my thought on this is although that may be true it would give some relief until then. It has gotten to the point that I am unable to get out of bed, I can't sleep longer than and hour and half before the pain wakes me. I am missing so much of my childrens life that it is killing me.Just today my 8 yr old asked me to do something and I told him I couldn't right now because I wasn't feeling well. I told him I would do it when I felt a little better. His reply was, "You are never going to get better." I started crying because I know how he feels. I have felt the same way myself.I live off of pain medications, around the clock.And to make matters worse ALL of the pain medications makes me itch!!! One doctor explained that he thinks that it is just anything that effects the nerve ending will make me itch. Another words live with the pain or itch. I think I would rather itch. Anyway thank you for letting me vent, it does help.

Thank you

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