removal of adhesions

From: bruce (
Wed Jan 28 15:25:33 2004

hi everyone. the first time i found this site I wrote to the message board, dateing tuesday november 11th 2003.(finding ways to rid of adhesions)its been awhile since i wrote, thankyou to the people who replied to my message, my wife julie has been going in and out of hospital since, can't remember how many times she has been in we havn't counted, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. today is wednesday 28th january 2004, julie has been out of hospital for 4days her surgeon has advised her to return in 2 weeks,julie replied i will see you in 3to 4 weeks as i am going on holidays, doctor said ok, few days on julie not well she is going to ring the surgeon tomorrow thursday 29th hoping if he is able to opperate s.a.p at the moment julie has alot of adhesions also another problem is her small bowel is dialated they have to opperate higher this time as her other scars won't hold up they have to start from the chest down to her belly button also they are going to spray interseed on the adhesions to stop them. i will let you know how things go, i pray for my wife and to other sufferers of this nasty thing.

regards bruce.

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