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From: Balde Family (
Wed Jan 28 19:11:17 2004

HI! I know, do the docs think that we really want to live off the pain meds forever. That we enjoy itching, being constipated and dehydrated, not being able to drive and sometimes function "normally" while on them? I understand that some people get addicted, but according to a good friend of mine who is an internal medicine doctor, the people that get addicted usually are the ones who only needed it for a short term situation, say a broken limb, etc. Those with chronic conditions, who really need it, rarely get addicted. My pain specialist-thankfully, tells me, if you need, you need it. We monitor how much I'm using,etc but he doesn't question me on whether I'm abusing it. Which makes me feel so much better. I still get nervous every time I have to call for a refill, just because of the treatment I would recieve from every other doc I've had before, but I'm always relieved to have no problems with his office filling it for me. I don't think they know what a relief they are, in so many ways.

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