Could Lap have aggravated a non-bothersome adhesion?

From: Rosa Di Virgilio (
Thu Jan 29 20:38:39 2004

Hi Everyone,

Been a few weeks since I've posted. I had a lap 3 weeks ago for ovarian cysts, and had a whole bunch of adhesions removed. My dr. failed to remove one adhesion - it was large and weblike and located somewhere above my belly button. He couldn't remove it becuase he said it would require major surgery to do so. The adhesion never gave me problems and last week, I suddenly found myself with sharp pains and thought it was psychological - because I knew there was an adhesion there and it never gave me a problem until I knew it existed.

I continue to have pain and even after I eat, which makes me wonder how bad this adhesion is and how far up it has spread. Do you think that the lap could have aggravated a non-bothersome adhesion?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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