Re: ARD & SSI Disability

Tue Feb 17 23:45:56 2004

Hi Sheila here. I have been off of work for 4 years, (feb 14th 2000 ). Before that I would work awhile and then be off awhile. I was on disability sick leave from my job for one year (general motors) and then they made be apply for ssdi.

At the time that I applied for and was approved for ssdi we did not know that it was adhesions that was causing my problems. It was listed on the application as chronic pain syndrome with cronic depression. I had to see a md, plus their psych. dr. To every appointment that I went to , either my doctors, or their drs I always had someone else drive me there. I refuse to drive under the influence of percocet and muscle relaxers. The case worker said that one of the main reasons that i was approved the first time was because of the not driving, plus letters from all my doctors and the report from their psych. dr. . It has only been in the last 3 months or so that we have figured out that it is addhesions and I am looking into surgery in ******* .

I hope this helps. I have read the response thats says to claim

depression if you have it and I second that. I think their psych dr really helped my case . If your not seeing someone now about depression I suggest that you do. It can only help you feel better to talk to someone and it WILL help your case. Sheila

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