Re: Any info on Fibrosis?

From: Tracey Cutler (
Tue Oct 5 16:40:20 2004

Hi I'm sorry but I have no knowledge of fybrosis but plenty of understanding of pain. The coping techniques you have learned to cope with the endo pain will hopefully work equally well on this new pain. Sorry I can't offer any practical help or advice but you have my full sympathy!! Hope you get the answers you need soon. Can you ask your consultant for more info? Take care Tracey xx

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Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 7:47 PM Subject: Any info on Fibrosis?

> hi,
> i posted a message a few days ago and got no response,,
> my question is my dr. just told me that i now have fibrosis...
> i had a hysterctomy in december and another surgery in
> august.. does anyone have any info on fibrosis??????

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