Re: Please... is anyone out there?

From: The Bakers (
Sun Oct 10 23:02:38 2004

Sue - Hi, my name is Samantha, I have suffered from ARD for 17 years. I drink a few "Ensure" type drinks a day as well as NO RED MEAT, no dairy - I only use Soy milk, cheese, etc, and try to stay as close to vegetarian as I can. When I started this food regimen, I was 107 pounds heavier!!

This is not hopeless!! We all hit spots along the way that we forget that we can empower ourselves not to give in to the disease and learn to live with it. Dont get me wrong, I have VERY low days sometimes, but occasionally, I have good ones, where the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. There is so much life around us, try to focus on the sounds around you and not on your pain. It is not the easiest to do, but with time I have brought my pain from 9 down to 4. Oh, this is only on good days - I still get the occasional 10 day!!

Hang in there and if you want to email me directly, my email is From: (Sue) Subject: Please... is anyone out there?

I am so, so sick, and I believe I have adhesions again. I had lysis of adhesions from my sigmoid several years ago, and I am in so much pain now, and I don't think I want to eat anymore. Food=digestion=no motility=pain & sickness. I am on so many drugs... pain pills, sleeping pills and more. I feel so hopeless.

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