Re: Please... is anyone out there?

Sun Oct 10 23:09:26 2004

Hi Sue, I can relate to what you are feeling. I cant believe this but i just spent a hour writing to you and my computer went down. I have to do this over but not in the same way. I'll just give minimal info and you can e-mail me direct if you choose to. I've had adhesions for over a decade. I'm 37 and have had over 14 surgeries.

Iv'e contracted multiple drug resistant 'bugs' and almost died from sepsis. I've been in the hospital a total of 9 months out of 12 this past year.I keep getting bowel obstructions frequently. Surgery of coarse makes this condition worse but in the presence of adhesions causing harm to other organs, you have no choice!

I'd like to talk more about this if you want.I feel better if i dont eat also. When im in the hospital with a NG tube and IV nutrition, i feel the best. Makes it difficult to deal with at home though. Look forward to hearing back from you. Tracie

> Sender: (Sue)
> Subject: Please... is anyone out there?
> I am so, so sick, and I believe I have adhesions again. I had lysis of
> adhesions from my sigmoid several years ago, and I am in so much pain
> now, and I don't think I want to eat anymore. Food=digestion=no
> motility=pain & sickness. I am on so many drugs... pain pills,
> sleeping pills and more. I feel so hopeless.

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