Thank you

From: Renee (
Thu Oct 14 09:44:56 2004


I want to thank you for letting adhesion sufferers know about Dr. Gerhart. I made an appointment today with his office. I would have never known about this doctor if you didn't to all you research. You have given me hope. I've a had three surgeries and one hysterectomy due to endo and adhesions. Now I am in constant pain and can't function. I searched in Philadelphia and came up with nothing. Thanks a million for giving me hope.

At Sun, 10 Oct 2004, Nancy wrote: >
>I have received physical therapy two different times in treatment for
>adhesions. They were both positive experiences. I have posted on this
>board before. I have had six surgeries for adhesions. The last was
>with Dr. Reich and Dr. Gerhart in the summer of 2003. The last
>surgery prior to that was an open total abdominal hysterectomy in
>October 2000.

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