Re: What are the symptoms of a partial bowel blockage? How is it

From: v (
Sun Oct 17 19:25:46 2004

I am not sure but i know of someone who has a strange condition she thinks is a partial obstruction. On the same day, once every month, more severe or not, (sometimes only 1-2 days off) a condition appears causing a massive gas increase in the bowels. then a massive swelling or inflammation occurs where bras, underwear, pajamas, and pants are too tight leaving marks. the dr.s have checked for 1 thing-- cysts on ovaries some there but not significant and talk of possible diverticulitis. the only relief comes when slowly the gas gets realeased( tapping on bowels or just waiting it out) and until then she feels sick, full, tired and exhausted. any suggestions or medical terminology would be appreciated. during this time it seems bowel movements and bladder movements are slowed down and bowel movements stop. 4 days until all air is released and the condition is gone.

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