Massive abdominal adhesions

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Sun Oct 17 19:27:39 2004

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Boy Karyn...was I suprised to hear that this Dr. takes no insurance! I am having surgery on Wednesday with Dr. Frantzides in Chicago who floored me with the same news after telling me how extensive my surgery will be. He wants payment up front in a cashiers check!

True, that you can't put a price tag on your well being, but it's sad for those that can't afford this type of care. He is one of the best laproscopic surgeons in the country and travels the world helping people like us. I have a bit more complicated of a case and may require a sm bowel and/or colon resection again. I will keep everyone posted, once I am up and about as to what happened.

If he's as good as they say, maybe this posting will help someone in the Midwest.

Prayers and Hugs to all of you.

Jeanne Surdo

He performs surgery by way of laparoscopy where most surgeons > would do an open surgery which is what causes the adhesions to be so bad
> in the first place. The only downside is that Dr. Reich does not
> participate with any insurance so most of the cost is out-of-pocket.
> This frightened me at first but realized that this is my health and
> there is no price tag on it!

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