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At Sun, 13 Nov 2005, Rita Beerle wrote: >My question is
>whether or not anyone has dealt with Clear Passage Therapy??

I would love to share my experience with you. First let me say that they are fantastic people to work with. Next let me say that, for me, they worked a miracle.

A bit o' personal background. I have been a person who has a plethora of ICI [Invisible Chronic Illnesses]. Luckily, they have since been accepted as real, v. "the vapors" or all a gal needs is a good "lay". Trust me, this is not outside the scope of response to the pain I have suffered with.

I have MPS, FMS, IBS, TMD, TMJ, CTS, and a slew of other TLA [three letter acronym] illnesses. The one I will speak to is the IBS [irritable bowel syndrome].

My tummy history in brief is that in July of '03, I started to get "clutches" in my stomach, that literally brought me to my knees -- usually in front of the "porcelain throne", heaving up all that was in me and more, i.e. bile. It was the pain that created the vomiting. Ultimately, it would require me to go to the ER, get meds, and IV with hydration, and the occasional N/G tube [nasal gastric] and /or enema. And, let's not forget the gazillion of toxic x-rays.

My first path was to figuring it out was to take tons of different "drinks" to clean out my system, color my system, marker to watch the system, etc etc with Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, CTscan, MRIs, with and without dye injected, and even pain clinics in the greater Seattle area. I went to all sorts of pain and GI specialists.

I went to the best of the best in this area of the country. No one had a clue, but everyone had a thing to try to get my pain under control. >From New Age type of moments, to, ultimately, the ER taking out my Gall
Bladder. My Gall bladder did have stones, but it was in no way diseased!!! It was done laparoscopically [phew - that was lucky for me considering my weight] but, it caused a new level of pain, bile, and now, issues.

I would be admitted for weeks at a time to resolve the, now thanks to adhesions, bowel obstruction. Dang. The last time I was admitted for over a week, N/G tube, and IV, and with mega Rx, I had been heaving up bile for about 3 days straight, even with the N/G tube in.

It was after that incident, that I decided to talk to the folk at CPT in Florida [3k away from here] and with support from my MD and my family, off I went.

Since my time there, a 40 hour intensive, in February of this year (2007), I have not had to go to the ER re: a stomach issue. It's now September, so that is 7 months. After being a regular at the ER, you can not begin to understand what they have accomplished with their deep tissue work.

They work on the "fascia" of a body. It is in NO way massage. No orifice is left un-treated. They truly know what they are doing. And they also know the difference between Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, which, to me, added a credibility and security before I went there.

There are 3 offices, one in CA, Fla and also Iowa. I went cross country to Florida because of my entire complex case, not just adhesion work. In Fla are the originators of the technique, and they had 3 other people doing body work. With my over-weight issue, and my complicated history, this was the best route for me.

They treated me with respect the entire time I was there. They truly cared about me, and was interested in any information I shared. They were accommodating and generous. They are "healers" in the highest sense of the word.

They know how a body works, and when it isn't working correctly, or when it isn't correctly in place [<- singing, "the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone..."].

I can not impress enough on anyone who reads this post that this is not a placebo. It is not "massage". It is not "physical therapy" as I've had previously. It is deep deep deep body work. I even felt, on one day in particular, when an adhesion was released. I FELT it happening. And, I have since had regular bowel movements. THAT certainly isn't a placebo effect.

They also educate you so that you can work with your body, to maintain health, when you go home.

So, my recommendation is that if you have adhesions that are impacting your life in a negative way, and you don't want surgery to be your course of action until [we all know adhesions beget adhesions when you have more surgery] then Clear Passage Therapy is the way to go.

I have not experienced, prior to, or since, anyone else who does body work to this degree of intensity, and with this broad knowledge of how a body should function. Do not confuse PT or Massage therapy with the Wurn Technique and what they do at Clear Passage Therapy. [Larry and Belinda Wurn created this technique, and have trained others in this technique. They are the originators of Clear Passage]

The consult is free.

And what price do you put on your health?

It cost a "pretty penny", but I have had hope in my life again, that I my have a life again, for the first time in many many years of 24 /7 pain. That is priceless.

I have kept some posts on my blog about what I have been going through and have gone through if you are interested. Of course, there is more info than simply CPT stuff, so enter at your own risk <g>. I don't know if they allow links here, but in case they do:

There; my .02 for free. Pax.

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