Re: Germany for adhesion surgery with Spray Gel

From: Kelly Murray (
Tue Jan 6 06:21:21 2009

I know a lot of adhesion sufferer's get told by Gasterentologist's that it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Hopefully, yours knows what adhesions can do to your bowels.

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Because after every meal ( or even a snack)I have sever bad diahoerra , and sometimes I cannot hold it....the pain grips me like I am in labour , I get panic attacks... and they are going to find out if its connected to my adhesions ,I have adhesions on my bladder , bowels , intestines and my one and only ovary...I use to go swimming every day to ease the adhesion pain..........but I started to leak from my bowels into the water so had to stop...The adhesions tug at my nerve endings causing the panic attacks... I told my gp if if I have to go on like this for another 20 odd years or more , then I dont want to be here........( hence the diazepam) about the hidden illness....... yes thankyou kelly ,you are a darlin'.................much love Wendy xxx

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Hang in there. Why are you going to a Gasterentologist if you don't mind me asking? I know it is very depressing to have this chronic pain and sickness. I had so many high hopes of getting cured when I got surgeries from Drs. that specialize in it. I have horrible pain at night. I do know that exercise does help. I have not gone to exercise in two weeks and I had worse pain then when I go. Some of the exercises I can't do because of pain but I sure feel better afterwards. I watch my three year old granddaughter and I don't know what I would do without her. Some days I feel so horrible that I don't want to watch her but I know that if I didn't have her, I would be in bed a lot which causes depression for me. Please just know that you are not alone. Kelly

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What about us in the uk? we have national health , so our surgeons go about things very very cheaply , I have suffered 22 years now..after having PID endometriosis and 26 other gyno , operations......... ectopic pregnancy etc...........I have just turned 50 ,I cannot hold my new baby grandson , for fear of the pain and dropping him , when it grips it grips.......I am going to see a gasterentologist on the 13th of this month...I am very scared to have more surgery because I know It will form more about catch 22......I am now on diazepam because bad depression has taken over , some days I feel like just ending everything, untill I see my daughters faces and my grandsons..........

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I went to Germany and had surgery with a different Dr. then Robin. I called my insurance and asked them to cover it. They said no. I persisted and they did pay for part of it. They paid me not the Dr. What you will pay in Germany is much less then what they charge in the states. You need to either go to the Drs. website if he has one and it should give you info. or you need to email him.

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I am in a lot of pain ,please let me know what to do to get the surgery, if there any payment plan. the arrangement needed to get there. please e-mail back. -Diane

At Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Robin M wrote: > >Instead of writing to several people, I thought >just one post would be better. > >Germany is using Spray Gel. I had surgery >in Duisburg, Germany with a great Dr. It has >now been over 19 months since my surgery there >with Spray Gel. At my 2nd look surgery, I was >adhesion free. I had been in bed 98% of the >time for the 2 years prior to my surgery. I >was on 3 very strong pain meds. With the skills >of the surgeon and Spray Gel, I no longer lie >in bed praying, wishing, begging God to let me >die. I am living life now, enjoying the smallest >of things and some big things too. > >The only thing is our insurance will not pay >for it. Spray Gel is still concidered >experimental in the US because it is not FDA >approved. It is also expensive, but worth it. >I remember how worth it everytime I go some >where, every time I pick up and hold my Grand-baby. >I remember how worth it is when I can do even > the smallest things, take a shower with out more >pain, getting dressed every day, sitting at my >computer for how ever long I want, going to see >my daughter at choir concerts, sitting in the >living room with my family watching TV. Things >that 2 years ago I never thought I would do again. > >If any of you would like the contact information >for this Dr or talk about my experience, or just >talk, email me. I know what you are going >through and I know that it helps having someone >that you can talk to that truely understands. >robin M > >At Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Laurie wrote: >> >>Well, here I am again, trying to see just how long I can wait before I >>go back to the doctor with the pressure I am feeling on my right side >>again. It will be 1 1/2 years since my last operation which I had to >>have a kidney removed due to adhesions. Not to bad I say. But still >>quite tiring. I can never get ahead financially or at work. Right now >>I am waiting to go permanent at a company before I go to the doctor.<>

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