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Sun Jan 25 11:06:23 2009

Dr. Redan is a very good general surgeon but until FDA approves an adhesion barrier that has a high approval rating, I wouldn't go through surgery again. However, if you have an obstruction that could kill you, you would have no choice but to have surgery. For some reason, appendix and gallbladders have to be removed within years of a prior surgery. My gyn removed my appendix at the same time she did my total hysterectomy. I've never researched or questioned why these parts go bad after abdomial surgeries but they do. When one has a bad gallbladder, it feels like you're having a heart may want to search for symptoms. The appendix can burst and kill a person if they don't get to the hospital in time. My brother-in-law almost died from appendicitis. This is one less surgery you'll have to go through later.

It's so difficult to live with ARD pain...I hope and pray help is on the way for us. Take care and God Bless.

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My name is Katie and I am 41.

Thirteen years ago I had my gallbladder removed. Over the next few years I had 2 c-sections and an appendectomy (that I did NOT need). I started having stomach/bowel problems about 3 years ago. I was told I had Sphincter of Oddi, had a bile duct placed and then removed about 30 days later. My symptoms continued. I was told that I had irritable bowel symdrome but fortunately, never believed the G.I. (I know my body), and so I never filled any of the prescriptions he gave me for IBS.

I had a colonoscopy that almost killed me and through that found out that I had colon strictures (adhesions). After that, I researched adhesions for 2 months when I finally found this site and Dr. Redan.

Let me say first, I have NOT had surgery with Dr. Redan and cannot give any kind of hope (real or false) to those that are about to have surgery with him. I met with him twice in '08 to discuss my case and possible surgery. What's stopping me? I told myself that I would not even consider surgery for adhesion removal until I have met 3 people with a long-term success story ... which I have not, as of yet.

I check this message board almost daily. It's the only thing reminding me that I am not alone in my pain and frustration with this "disease".

I applaud the poster that mentioned contacting Oprah Winfrey about this. Heaven knows she has discussed everything else on that show; it's about time someone gave a stage and microphone to this uphill battle with adhesions. It takes lives. Whether it takes your last breath matters not ... it removes quality of life for many.

I beg anyone with a success story of 2 years or more after adhesion removal, to please, please post your story here. You have no idea what it means to those of us that no longer know what "normal" is.

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