Re: Passion and anger

From: Katie (
Thu Jan 29 08:06:32 2009

I have to say, my husband has been amazing throughout all of this. I can't begin to give him or my 2 boys (ages 14 & 11), enough credit. In 4 years they have seen me go from extremely active and alive and bubbly to ... well, whatever this stage is now.

I still have a sense of humor and I try not to complain out loud very much and I refuse to take prescription painkillers ... for now. But it has definitely affected how much we travel, when we travel, what I can and can't do with them physically, what we eat, and so on.

I agree though, that if more men suffered from ARD, this would be making national headlines and probably even getting government-funded research. Especially if they got ARD in their penises! God forbid we sit idly by and allow disfunction of THAT organ! (Although if it were to happen, I could see millions of men lining up for the massages.) LMAO!

Hugs to all, Katie

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