Re: Surgery--Would you do it again? (POLL)

From: Mark (
Fri Feb 13 10:21:01 2009

At Tue, 10 Feb 2009, Katie wrote: >
>While I agree that surgery for adhesions CAUSES adhesions, I have to say
>that I have now had 2 doctors tell me that if I wait and then have a
>bowel rupture, I will have even more problems.

Mark writes:

Isn't bowel rupture a rare, extreme event? I thought a bowel obstruction or SBO was much, much more likely. No one has yet explained to me the risk of bowel rupture. Please enlighten me.

I will accept the risk of a potential SBO because I'm under the belief that surgery for SBO can be done with roughly the same odds of success as adhesiolysis, assuming you get a good surgeon using the latest adhesion prevention techniques. (I'd like to say that I've taken steps to guarantee that, but the truth is I haven't yet had that conversation with my doctor and let him know my wishes about adhesion prevention.) But a bowel rupture is a different thing, indeed.

I know many of the people here have had an SBO. May I ask, how many have had a bowel rupture? I'm genuinely curious.


Mark in Seattle

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