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Sat Feb 14 05:25:02 2009

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It certainly sounds like you have found your own diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is not a lot that can be done to "fix" it, but we are here to support one another and share ANYTHING that might help another sufferer. Don't get discouraged when your tests come back as normal. Most of us have "normal" tests. But some common threads that we also find are high liver enzymes, motility issues, and of course, the pulling, burning pain. Often,a small bowel obstruction will show up and if that's the case, your condition is "upgraded" to treatable. I've had intermittent obstructions for over 25 years and have been in the hospital for numerous days to resolve it usually with an NG tube, no food or water and constant monitoring to be sure it isn't life threatening. Then there are times that the obstruction can only be eliminated by surgery. Get to know your body better than you ever have before and find a primary doctor who understands the complexity of ARD. Through trial and error, I've learned how to stay out of the doctor's office until it's necessary to go. My doctor and I respect each other. I don't bother him for the "normal" day to day issues because I know he's limited as to what we can do for me. But, when I do go to see him, he knows I'm there because I need to be. Search the archives! You'll find a wealth of information that I'm sure you can relate to. Knowledge is key to managing our condition! L:-)

I have been on a gluten free diet for nearly 10 years now(Celiac Disease) There is no question that it can help those with adhesions simply because you are not putting as much strain on your intestines and digestive track. I very RARELY ever "cheat" because I KNOW what will follow. Days of fatigue, bouts of severe constipation,back pain, etc. Having said that, unless you are a Celiac, the diet is not ideal for everyone and is hard to follow properly if you eat out a lot or don't read food labels. Have a great New Year everybody! Lis:)

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