Adhesions on Ascending Colong....

From: Sarah (
Sat May 12 20:04:24 2012

Hello! i am hoping to find out a little more information on this type of adhesion. background; nov 25th 2011 i had a 9.95lb baby via elective c section april 2008 10.9lb baby via emergency c section around 1994 i also had my appendix taken out ( i did have some problems with infection quite badly this op)

so when i had my second son in November, while they were in there the obstetric surgeon found adhesion's on my ASCENDING colon and that it is actually adhered to the front of my abdomen. during the surgery he called a General surgeon in to have a look, who ended up speaking with his consultant about what to do. mind you this was about 2 hours i was open for on the table waiting for them to have a look and decide.

so they decided to leave it as it was. put everything back together and they warned me of being extremely cautious if i was to have another baby (the stressed that they would not recommend it) they would need to be careful they did not cut it (the colon?) when they opened me up again! sheesh! so that's the gist of it.

now the problems i am having seem to be anywhere from IBS to who knows what, i have a largish mass and very tender part of my bottom left abdomen, sometimes i need to sit for long amounts of time waiting for it to come out and sometimes not but its the sensation that worries me it feels like something just drops into that tender section and then im needing to go to the toilet pretty soon after i feel that. have some nautia and loss of appetite i have an ultrasound form here from my doctor to have done (not for adhesion's as he looked at me like i was from another planet so its Pelvic Pain on the request form) and was wondering if these adhesion have anything to do with this and or what happened when they were in there and also what future impacts can i be looking at having my ascending colon adhered to my front abdominal wall.

Thanks in advance and i look forward to your replies!

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