Nightmare in A&E

From: Susie Holdaway (
Sat May 12 20:05:46 2012

Hi everyone, I firstly wanted to say to you all that I totally sympothise with all your pain and problems in diagnosis etc. I posted my first message a few weeks back and thankyou for all your replies. I wanted to share a different story with you all today. Im in the process of dealing with ICAS who are there to help if you have a complaint with the NHS, they are support which is free they can come with you into hospital to see the relevant people. I have a complaint because of my time in A&E, i have to say that this is not my first complaint, because I am a what they describe as a frequent attender, because of my chronic abdominal pain, which i was told was to do with the fact Ive had a hysterectomy, and ovectomy, several laporoscopys in the past and adhesions were found in one of my last procedures, they were sorted out apparently and they used a new technique on me which I now understand has been out for a few years or so, they covered the surgical site in this product like a mesh and it is meant to reduce the adhesions from the likely hood of coming back. Unfortuantely this hasnt worked and seems to be a bit hit and miss. Sorry Im babbling now, the point im making is my complaint is about the fact that even though my notes are there plain to see for the doctors to read, and even though I hand them a letter which I carry with me everywhere just in case I have a flare up and need to go into A&E, the A&E dpt still can not accept my notes as written they seem determined to undermine the gastro consultants letters and treatment/care plans, like the last A&E visit I had to endure. It is about time that all consultants especially the ones in A&E leant to read what is there right in front of them, and they really need to loose the attitude that if they can not see it there must be nothing wrong diagnosis. Im sorry if I seem to be coming accross as angry, but quite honestly Im not only fed up with the constant battle in hospital but Im sick and tired of being made to feel like its all in my head, not only are they wrong to do this but they slow down the administration of pain relief which as we all know at the point of attending A&E the pain is off the scale. if any other sufferers have any times when they were mis treated in hospital and have complained themselves I would love to hear from you. I think its about time that we spoke out together to these people, Untill then keep well and hopefully out of hospital. xxx

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