Charities that fund adhesions patients

From: Dr. David Wiseman (
Sun May 20 19:21:50 2012

Does anyone know of any charities that provide funding to patients with adhesions / pelvic/ abdominal pain - who need surgery or other treatment but have no insurance?

We would like to post this info on the web site. Please email me -


Be part of our research effort by participating in our latest survey on information given to patients about adhesions prior to surgery.

This is to update our earlier survey 10 years ago and to track how things have changed for patients since then. Your participation is vital. Our last results were published in the medical literature, presented at international conferences and was widely quoted by doctors and scientists - a great tribute to our efforts and a measure of the impact of the International Adhesions Society - a true grassroots effort.

Even if you did not participate before, you can do so now. It will take 5-10 minutes. Click here to take the survey or paste this url into your browser:

We receivie an overwhelming volume of inquiries like yours and can no longer respond by speaking to people by phone or with detailed emails.To help the maximum number of adhesions sufferers possible, all we ask is that you 1. "Like " us on Facebook 2. Follow us on Twitter - @AdhesionsOrg 3. Help defray the costs of our web site:

Please send checks (non-deductible) to: Synechion, Inc., 6757 Arapaho Rd., Suite 711, PMB 238, Dallas, TX 75248

or you can contribute via PayPal ( - send to or click here to donate via PayPal If you don't have an account -- it takes only a few minutes to set one up!

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely David Wiseman Ph.D., M.R.Pharm.S. Founder, International Adhesions Society (IAS)

Neither the IAS, Synechion, Dr. Wiseman or any other representative offers medical advice. Always consult a qualified medical professional. Please understand that Dr. Wiseman is NOT a medical doctor.

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