Re: thanks for everyones support and a ? on keeping from vomiting after drinking the fleets.

Thu Jul 29 14:35:38 1999

At Thu, 29 Jul 1999, wrote: >
>At Wed, 28 Jul 1999, wrote:
>>I want to thank everyone who has responded and supported me for my test
>>tomorrow.And yes the PREP {UGH} I'm not sure if I drank it down to fast
>>or what,But I could not wait to get it over with.It stayed down about 45
>>minutes and I think I vomited most of it back up.I was concerned that
>>due to not keeping it down that it would not be able to do the job that
>>it was suppose to do.But I was wrong obviously I kept it down long
>>enough for it to take its effects on me .As I'm sure everyone knows what
>>I mean.My next dose of the fleets phosho-soda is due to be taken again
>>at 9:00.Now I am afraid that I will get sick from it again.Any
>>suggestions on keeping it down?THanks again and I will let everyone know
>>how I am doing and how I nake out with the colonoscopy as soon as I feel
>>up to it.
>Hi Peggy:
>Did you follow the tips I got from the GI office? I would think not
>drinking it with water (instead of kool aid etc) would be the most
>important part, as well as not lying down afterwards. I think this is
>why they came up with these tips. however, I think some people are
>going to have problems no matter what they do! That's just the way their
>bodies are. I had no way of knowing if the tips would help me or not as
>I don't have problems with this type of thing. However, I know it gave
>me the willies cause I can still remember the taste! Once I was done
>drinking it I was okay. This is how I know I couldn't stand golytely
>because you are never done drinking it! Just looking at the gallon jug
>would be enough for me.
>I don't know what your experience was, but I was not up all night in the
>bathroom. This is what I meant about it being gentle. I remember just
>one episode before bed and then another in the am. After the second
>dose of Fleets it was more constant, but that was daytime. I also
>didn't have any of the "loud noises" in the recovery room. They kept
>telling me it was "okay" but it never happened. They try to squeeze out
>all the air before they take you out of the procedure room so maybe they
>did a good job on me.
>Try not to worry-you'll do fine. Everyone will be in the same situation
>as you are and the nurses are their to do their job.
>Chris S.

Hi Chris,Well I made it through the colonoscopy fine.It was not as bad as I thought it would be.As far as the prep.I had a terrible time.I did drink the first one with white grape juice and it was horrible.It did not stay down very long.But within about 1 hour it took effect as far as starting to clean me out.That was about 6:oo p.m I finally settled down about 8:30 and had to drink the 2nd dose at 9:00 which worked right away.I did go to bed at about 11:30.I went to sleep right away but woke up at 12:30 Soaked ,{Sorry to be so thorough in telling what happened but it was very upsetting to me.}Luckily I was prepared and had covered the bed with plastic.THen about 2:30 my daughter came down stairs,{she is 16}to tell me that my son was up in his room crying{he is 11}because he was so worried about me.And again I was soaked.I couldn't believe that I had gone in my sleep and had not even woken up.So I got myself all cleaned up and went to speak with my son.He totatly broke my heart.I asked him what was wrong ?Why was he so upset? I explained to him that this was only a test and it was not surgery and that I would be fine.He told me that he was afraid that I was going to be sick and never be better.Of course then we both cried are eyes out.I tried to tell him that I will be fine.And thought.MY GOD this is horrible for an 11 year old to have to think this way.But he has seen what I have been through the last year and a half it it is really tough on him to see his mother sick.If only Drs. could see what our whole families go through.Maybe it would make a difference in the way they think about thier patientes{sp}.So I did not have a very good night ,from then on I could only think of my son and what he is thinking about me and then the alarm went off at 5:30.I had to be at the hospital at 6:30 and the procedurewas suppose to be at 7:30.The nurse tried putting the I V in my right hand and said that the vein collasped so then she tried putting in the right arm.{where they usually draw blood from}She told me she thought she had it in but wasn't sure.Then she said o:k it's in and started the fluid drip.It really started to burn and I asked her .Why it was burning so much because I had never had it burn like that before.She told me that maybe the drip was going in too fast and turned it way down,but it still burned and my arm started to swell and get really hard.She told me that the nurse in the procedure room would check it when they take me down.The nurse came to get me for the procedure and said BOY that I V site does not look very good it is really red,I told her that it also really burned and was quite swollen.She took me to the procedure room and told me that the I V was not even in the vein,So they had to take that one out and start a new site Which was put in the left arm with no problem.The first nurse also had trouble putting the I V in the woman that was a head of me, So obviously she did not know how to do I V'S or was having a bad day.I did tell them that I had a terrible time with the demerol the last time I had it so I was not giving any demerol today and so far I do not feel too bad.Everything was fine as far as the colonoscopy is concerned,The Dr. told me that the colon was perfect there was absolutly nothing wrong.No polyps or anything.So the next step is to do the M R I Which is scheduled for Tuesday at 3:00. Well I am getting really sleepy right now so I am going to take a nap.I will talk to everyone later.and again thanks for all your support. "FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

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