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From: Gina (
Thu Nov 18 14:04:00 1999

Helen, I don't have endo, never have. I just had my last Lap 2 months ago, had adhesions removed along with ovaries and tubes. So not in a hurry to be opened up again :( Unless of course Physical therapy continues to be un-helpful and I continue to hurt myself. Today I found out among all my other back problems, I have now torn a muscle from doing NORMAL activities! This is a new area of pain--now along with neck and lower back, I have the mid-back muscle which holds the body up, to heal. Sigh... As I told Chris the other day, I feel sometimes like "they might as well just shoot me now" because even the smallest normal activities are making things worse. Gina

At Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>Have you ever been diagnosed with endometriosis?
>Both adhesions and endometriosis can cause the the kind of symptoms
>which you are having. Back pain and leg pain can happen when adhesions
>and/or the implants from endometriosis attach to specific parts of a
>person's anatomy.
>There are other similarities between adhesions and endometriosis:
>a.) The implants, caused by endometriosis, also attach abdominal organs
>together. Abdominal organs are meant to have the ability to move freely
>-- but when adhesions and implants (caused by endometriosis) attach to
>organs, they prevent this freedom of motion and as a result cause pain
>and other problems.
>b.) There is ONLY ONE WAY TO DIAGNOSE both of these diseases -- a
>surgical procedure known as a DIAGNOSTIC LAPAROSCOPY!!
>c.) Both diseases are very resistant to surgical removal. In spite of
>an adhesiolysis, adhesions are known to re-form after surgery and to
>develop de nova adhesions (new adhesions caused as a result of surgery).
>Currentlly the best way to try to get rid of endometriosis is excision
>therapy - which is a specialized surgical procedure. In spite of the
>careful excision of endometriosis by the best endometriosis specialists,
>there is no guarantee that the disease will not return.
>Endometriosis is still considered to be incurable. Excision surgery by
>the best endometriosis specialists has been proven to give the longest
>lasting symptom-free results.
> *******PHOTO GALLERY********
>Be sure to take a look at the photos of both adhesions and endometriosis
>at the Photo Gallery (to the left of this web page).

>At Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Gina wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I know Chris has experienced this, wondering if anyone else has? I have
>>always had a semi-weak back but only rarely have I ever hurt it badly
>>enough to seek treatment which was usually muscle relaxers for 2 days
>>and a couple pain pills.
>>After my 2nd surgery in 2 months this summer (last surgery was 2 months
>>ago now), I had severe back & neck pain. It went down my leg and my
>>foot went numb, often. My right arm also went numb from the neck pain.
>>I went to the Dr. and he referred me to a physical therapist for
>>treatment. We assumed it was from the position I had been put into at
>>the surgery, dorsal lithotomy. But here it is 2 months after surgery, I
>>have been going to physical therapy 3x a week since then getting moist
>>heat, electro stimulation and ultra sound on both areas, plus gentle
>>exercise. I am not feeling any improvement and in fact my back seems to
>>be getting worse.
>>I have an appt. with a chiropractor tomorrow just to get an xray and
>>exam (I hate chiro's they always hurt me more, LOL, so I won't let him
>>touch me). I am only 36 and I feel so crippled from this pain and
>>inability to do normal things!
>>Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas what it is from and why it's
>>not healing? My PT thought maybe it was from adhesions on my spine or
>>near it??? I have also been having pain in my lower left abdomen and hip
>>area. This new abdominal pain just started about 10 days ago.
>The 15th century proverb which summarizes the purpose of medicine is:
>* To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always. *

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