Coping with/without surgery

From: Richard Hagen (
Thu Feb 3 07:45:44 2000

Well I appreciate the encouraging notes to my last frustration note. The pain doctor thinks he has it all figured out. I think he's nuts. He thinks he can cure her just by gentle massage. Shes not getting better and he doesn't believe in adhesions. Its crazy but a least we get the pain meds.

Dr. Semertzides finally called and explained the time lapse. He is so kind and respectful. My wife really likes him for his patience. I think he is really trying to help her with whatever he has available whether that be time or specific surgery tailored to her case. Surgery will be soon and that at least, cheered my wife up. I know its a medical crapshoot but what else is there? Life is miserable for her just like every other person that has posted here.

We both would have given up had it not been for the continued concern and fellow feeling shown by people at this forum and Dr. Wiseman and Dr. Semertzides. Keep shoring up the pier so we are not lost at sea.

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