Re: Coping with/without surgery

From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 4 06:19:39 2000

At Thu, 3 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Please let us know how your wife makes out. I, too am going for the surgery
>hopefully within the next ten days. I know the value of having a doctor who
>listens and tries to make you comfortable with the pain. I am glad you wife
>has found someone like this. I wish her all the best in her coming surgery
>and relief for however long it may be. Ginni

Hi Richard,

Are you all from Ohio, I saw semertzidies last year but I chose not to see him, he was talking 6 more laparotomies, for the scar tissue I have, and he scared me off, my gyn has found one who will work with my gyn and wrap the bowels with seprafilm in one surgery, that is what bartrier semertzidies had told me he uses.

Last surgery Interceed was used, and THAT did not work.They sais seprafilm MAY work, and that will be a crapshot too.

I live in Cincinnati, do youu have to travel to go to him? Please let me know!


Ginni, are you having surgey from a gyn or general surgeon? Are they planning a laparotomy?

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