ADHESION BARRIERS (available now)

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Feb 4 22:18:44 2000

INTERCEED (TC7), Seprafilm and ADCON-L are the only adhesion barriers available currently. Interceed and Seprafilm have been approved by the FDA only for laparotomy surgery (open abdominal).

ADCON-L is a gel barrier approved by the FDA - only for laminectomy spine surgery or lumbar discectomy surgery.

1.) * Adhesions Home Page

2.) * Patient Information Bulletin: Adhesions -- What are adhesions? - Why are adhesions a problem? - Why do adhesions form? - What can be done? - Microsurgical Techniques - Chemical Methods - Barrier Methods - What is INTERCEED (TC7) Absorbable Adhesion Barrier? - Clinical Studies

3.) * Adhesion Prevention: Patients and Clinicians [ NOTE: Information for Clinicians will provide you with even more information. ]

4.) * Women's Health: click each tab for more information.

5.) * Gynecare makes products to help doctors treat: Infertility - Incontinence - Fibroids & Polyps - Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

6.) * Patients - What are adhesions? click: Abdominal Anatomy, Abdominal Procedures, FAQ, and Glossary - (You may need to type the following URL plus "e.htm" onto your computer's address line.) .htm

7.) * Clinicians - for more information about adhesions and adhesion barriers, read through the information intended for Clinicians. (You may need to type the following URL plus "e.htm" onto your computer's address line.) e.htm

8.) * About Seprafilm Bioresorbable Membrane - scroll down

9.) * Surgery: Introducing new solutions - Seprafilm

10.) * February 10,1999 Genzyme General's Seprafilm Approved for Cardiac Surgery in Europe.

11.) * April 30, 1999 - Genzyme General Says Study Is Largest to Document Complications Related to Adhesions

12.) * May 4, 1999 - New Data on Post-Surgical Adhesions and Small Bowel Obstruction Presented at Genzyme Symposium.

13.) * ADCON-L Gel is the first FDA approved product for the inhibition of postsurgical scarring and adhesions following laminectomy spine surgery.

14.) * ADCON-T/N Gel is currently available in 29 international markets, including all major European union countries. It is not available for sale in the United States. A pivotal U.S. clinical trial is underway.

15.) * February 4, 1999 - ADCON-L improves clinical outcome following lumbar discectomy.

16.) * April 7, 1999 - ADCON-L Reported to Improve Patient Outcome, Reduce Scar, and be Cost Effective in Lumbar Surgeries.

17.) * April 27, 1999 - Effectiveness of ADCON-L Confirmed -- Reduction of Scar Confirmed in Reoperations.

18.) * June 15, 1999 - Gliatech Files to Expand Use of ADCON-L in Breast Surgery

19.) * August 17, 1999 - Gliatech Announces FDA approval to Initiate Clinical Trials of ADCON-L in Breast Surgery

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