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Mon Feb 7 08:10:44 2000

Maybe all ARD people should invest in the stock of the first company to have a truly effective barrier. Wouldn't that be justice?

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> Hi Ginni, Yes, it is me. Since you just responded to someone else's
> message, I decided to answer your question about a website which you had
> called my attention to. I didn't want to give the website here; because
> it was your discovery. Perhaps you would like to share that website
> here. After reading the information at that site and after hearing that
> the FDA denied Lifecore Biomedical its Premarket Approval in January
> 2000, anything is possible.
> The pharmaceutical company which is able to present an adhesion barrier,
> which will gain the approval of the FDA, will be on the receiving end of
> what could be a billion dollar industry.
> If you are interested in following the progress of these clinical
> trials, I have listed the websites for the Press Releases for the
> various pharmaceutical companies under the topic: ADHESION BARRIERS
> (currently in clinical trials)- which I posted on February 04, 2000.

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