Re: Ginni

Mon Feb 7 08:18:04 2000

Helen, Thanks. I have forwarded the site on to Bev, who you know will let me know her opinion on it, and depending on what she says, I will mention the site on the Forum. Any hope is good hope, right? My insurance papers are in the works and I hope to have my surgery next week. I will keep everyone up to date. I can't thank you enough for contacting me and showing me this site. I have made so many wonderful friends and supporters and it has given me hope. Everyone has been so kind and understanding and hopefully I will be able to help others soon. I am working on an article now for Ladies Home Journal (they contacted me and told me they would be interested in an article told in first person, giving my story) and I am hoping it will be accepted and maybe someone else will see themselves and get help from it. At least it is getting the disease out there and recognized in some small way. Wish me luck, because I am not a writer, but am going to try. Thanks again, Ginni

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