Re: Ginni

From: toni welsh (
Tue Feb 8 10:32:43 2000

At Tue, 8 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Ginni: Blessed Be, Good Luck & Keep the Faith! I hope you gain some relief
>from your surgery. I'll be thinking about you (as we all will, I'm sure).
>May the Spirits Watch Over You, Karla B.


I did not know when your surgery is scheduled. I will be thinking of you also, I am still thinking about surgery,need to get over that fear again.

Let us know how you are doing as soon as you feel better. I see my gyn Feb.14th, we will talk then, I moved my annual up a month to talk.

I am still trying to understand the pain I have been having, today was bad again, and it was after taking senekot, after going normal, I had a hard pain and cramping, felt like my lower pelvic area was going to explode. After that all I see in the toilet is alot of mucous, I do not understand that. The senekot is moving the bowels, but I do not ever go without it.

Oh well,Toni

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