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From: toni welsh (
Tue Feb 8 12:42:44 2000

At Tue, 8 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>I'm so sorryy, Toni, that I got your name wrong. Sometimes, especially
>lately, my mind is kinda foggy (@ best). Karla B.

Hi Karla,

You did not get my name wrong, I too live on senekot. I used to get relief from having a BM, now the pain is WORSE after. Things must be getting thicker and harder in the abdomen, now just to straighten up just a little bit, it is like a girdle really constricting up, and when I sit like to play Bingo, when I try to straighten up, it hurts and I am SOOOOO stiff. Walking even hurts. \

Daily chores like grocery shopping is almost impossible, instaed of a challenge, and to stoop or try to pick things off the ground, I cannot hardly do it anymore.

I tried to keep some of it away from my husband he has enough with his dad, but my gyn also said if it gets to the put I cannot tolerate no more, to please call. I am just too afarid to have this surgery, but I can see things are getting worse. I really couldnot figure why I was even having severe pain after a BM. I thought the senelot was hurting me. If I would not take this I would not go far at least a week, the last time it was 10 days!

I really know I will have to go for more surgery, I need to stop smoking first, I did stop, and my father in law got sick again, now I HAVE to quit BEFORE I will go under anesthisia!

Thank you for caring, Toni

I need to get on here more like I used to! Miss you all!

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