Re: Ginni

Tue Feb 8 13:32:19 2000

Toni: I know how you feel. I've lost sooo many jobs due to my "visible paiin" (stooping, hardly being able to walk, etc.) Disability keeps turning me down saying cuz I'm a secretary, it's a "sedentary" job; so I should have no problem. Easy for them to say. Thanks for getting back to me.. I thing this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, as they say (this forum). I also have more pain after a BM, I guess it's from all that moving around & straining we have to do.

Being on line with you and the others is my social life. It also helps w/my depression & anxiety. My doc is sending me to a mental health clinic as she thuinks it will help me deal w/the pain. I hope so... I don't like people to see me when I'm too bad off so I stay in the house. Especially now that I'm not able to work. Lost too many jobs in the last year & my self-esteem is out the window! But I do have my Mom to help w/the grocery shopping, which makes me feel just wonderful (pun), she's 74 (& she has to help me & I'm in my mid (almost late thirties). Well, I do have my cats & they're a BIG help.

Keep in touch! Blessed Be, Karla B.

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