Re: Ladies Home Journal -- Ginni

Tue Feb 8 13:34:25 2000

Hi all, Change in plans for me. Not going to Atlanta for surgery after all, going to find the way to California. Saw my specialist here and he feels that I need to see Dr. Nezhat in California. There is remarks in my last operative report that a bowel resection may be necessary this time and he feels that I MUST see the doctor who has helped me twice and knows the exact spot where this trouble lies. He feels he is only one a few doctors who can do this laprascopically. He also know Dr. Reich and said he is amazing! I asked if I should go to see him and he said it would be better to stay with the doctor who had already been in there and knew my case, and that Dr. Reich would have to start from scratch with me. I am not sure where we will find the money, but it must be done and soon. The doctor here said something about if they do not do the surgery within the week that they may have to put a tube in my neck and build me up so that I can handle the surgery. I don't want that! Also, my doctor here told me he thinks they are doing double blind studies with the gel based barriers and maybe I could get on the study as I am a perfect candidate. You don't know though whether you get it or not he said because it is a double blind study but worth a try I think. I am going to check into it. So now trying to get this plan worked out and travel plans. Feel so guilty that we have to use money for my health when the family could use so many things. But my blessed husband tells me that I am the heart of the family and without me nothing else matters. I am so blessed to have found a man who supports me in this illness. My birthday is coming up and it will be just my luck to be operated on then. I am thinking about keeping a day by day diary of the before and through surgery and after for my article. What do you think? Thank you all so much for all your kind words and support. I don't know what I would have done without you! Hope everyone is dealing the best they can. Ginni

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