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Wed Feb 9 08:20:43 2000

At Tue, 8 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Hi all,
>Change in plans for me. Not going to Atlanta for surgery after all, going to
>find the way to California. Saw my specialist here and he feels that I need
>to see Dr. Nezhat in California. There is remarks in my last operative
>report that a bowel resection may be necessary this time and he feels that I
>MUST see the doctor who has helped me twice and knows the exact spot where
>this trouble lies. He feels he is only one a few doctors who can do this
>laprascopically. He also know Dr. Reich and said he is amazing! I asked if
>I should go to see him and he said it would be better to stay with the doctor
>who had already been in there and knew my case, and that Dr. Reich would have
>to start from scratch with me. I am not sure where we will find the money,
>but it must be done and soon. The doctor here said something about if they


Have you lost alot of weight? the drs are worried about the weight loss I have had, and that the body needs to be built up if surgery is needed.

Are you talking about hyperal(sp)? the white stuff.


>do not do the surgery within the week that they may have to put a tube in my
>neck and build me up so that I can handle the surgery. I don't want that!
>Also, my doctor here told me he thinks they are doing double blind studies
>with the gel based barriers and maybe I could get on the study as I am a
>perfect candidate. You don't know though whether you get it or not he said
>because it is a double blind study but worth a try I think. I am going to
>check into it.
>So now trying to get this plan worked out and travel plans. Feel so guilty
>that we have to use money for my health when the family could use so many
>things. But my blessed husband tells me that I am the heart of the family
>and without me nothing else matters. I am so blessed to have found a man who
>supports me in this illness. My birthday is coming up and it will be just my
>luck to be operated on then. I am thinking about keeping a day by day diary
>of the before and through surgery and after for my article. What do you
>think? Thank you all so much for all your kind words and support. I don't
>know what I would have done without you! Hope everyone is dealing the best
>they can. Ginni

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