Re: Ladies Home Journal -- Ginni

Wed Feb 9 09:22:18 2000

Toni, I have lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks. Really sick. I am 5'8 so I look like a stick. I have not eaten solid food for so long. I have never had to get the feeding tube before so I don't now that much about it. The thing that hurt me the worst was having to wait three weeks to get in to see the specialist here. My doctor makes me drink those awful Ensure and Boost and lots of milkshakes to keep the weight up. I am so sick of milk and ice cream! Never thought I'd say that. The bad thing is the high fat in these drinks makes them constipating which doubles the problem. I just can't wait to get the surgery and get on with my life. Not sure what you are talking about with the hyperoll (sp)? What do you mean? Ginni

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