Re: Hi again

Wed Feb 9 12:56:54 2000

Tara, Try to find another doctor in your area. Try e-mailing Dr. Wiseman and asking him if he knows anyone in that area or call your local physician's referral service. What you are describing sounds like me in the beginnings of my troubles. I have to take Correctol (which is the worst, but the only thing that works) right now just to keep liquids going through. I do not know if this is your problem, but I would definitely try to get another opinion. The longer you wait between bowel movements the more painful it has got to be. I once went four days and developed such a blockage that because I was determined not to go to emergency and risk surgery screamed through the pain and with the help of tablespoons of mineral oil and correctol was able to go but because I had waited so long I had a lot of blood. For two days. The doctor said I actually tore the rectal wall and it heals itself and is really no big deal, but scary when it happened. I am not saying that you have anything like this but if they can see on the bowel test that things are not going through properly, you have to decide what to do about it. Have you tried different diets? Low fiber, high fiber, etc.? I was told to eat only very small portions up to six times a day instead of regular size meals and found this helped. Maybe some others here can help you with this more. I have had that test and the pain was unbearable. To pass gas hurts me at this point. Good luck and my thoughts are with you, Ginni

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