Re: karla

Wed Feb 9 16:11:46 2000

Ton9i, it's been 5 years since my resetrion. I was doing pretty good. I went back to work, and tried to jump-start my life, again. The pain returned within 6 mos of the surgery but it only got re al bad in the last 3 years. My gyn won't operate unless it's l"ife & death". In other words, I stuck like I am until it's killijng me (literally(. I believe it was the hysterectomy that caused me to need the resection... I went home from the hospital after the hyst., but I couldn't do anyuthing andf the pain was enormous. So, back to the hospital I went. I continued to work even tho until I kept getting fired cuz of the pain &misssed days. (I',ma secretary & you can tell by my typing that I obviously can't do that for a living. Am looking for work to do from home, now, as Disability says I am not disabled. Easy for them to say. Still I keep on pluggin'... Blessed Be, Karla B.

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