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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Fri Feb 11 14:27:17 2000


I don't know which Karla you are talking to...but I am 45, live in Wisconsin and have had 26 surgeries...soon to be 27 (not soon enough as far as I am concerned). There is another Karla...Karla B. on now. She has been through a lot too. If you would like to email me personally my email address is At this time though my computer is in the shop (hopefully will be fixed real soon...I'm having withdrawal symptoms) but Bev is letting me use hers...I will be coming to her house while she is on vacation and checking all the email...trying to help out so she is not overwhelmed when she gets back.

Take Care!

Karla N.

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> I am sorryy, how many surgeies have you had? Where are you from, can I
> email you personally sometin=me. You sound like we may be close to the
> same age. I am 45.

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