Re: CBC Lymph count

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Feb 11 12:37:40 2000

Welcome Ann! It is good to see you using the Message Board!!

I had a complete CBC with Differential blood test done on December 22, 1999. All were within normal reference range except these:

* AUTOMATED LYMPH is 41% -(HI)Reference Range is 20%-40%

* NEUTROPHILIC BAND is 0 -(LO)Reference Range is 2-6

* LYMPHOCYTES is 41.0 -(HI)Reference Range is 21.0-40.0

I wonder if medications maybe affect these readings.


At Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Ann wrote: >
>My lymphocyte count has been off for over a year now. It runs about 55%
>- 60% which is considered a bit high. Do any of you have this problem .
>. . Would adhesions cause your lymphocyte level to be elevated??? If
>it caused by this, how do you treat it. Is this a sign of infection??
>Input Needed! Thanks, Ann

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