Re: Ladies Home Journal -- Ginni

Fri Feb 11 12:41:37 2000

Karla, I can so relate. I am a stick person now! Look like a really skinny boy! Cannot believe that some woman want to look like this. I keep thinking about after the surgery and eating my way back up again. I have so much sagging skin I look like 40 going on 85! Got to fill it back out. You must have a good boyfriend to be by your side through all this. My husband is great, but he has to be, he's stuck with me. Actually we are al blessed to have spouses that are there for us, sometimes I try to imagine if I could deal with it if the situation were reversed. It would be hard, but I would do it. But, my husband could not deal with this, he is in bed if he gets a cold. Also, because of your story, Karla, you have really helped me with your sharing. Thanks. Take care, Ginni

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