Re: Angel Flight of Texas

Fri Feb 11 13:10:04 2000

No, No. No, Ginni..... that is not what I got from the Angel Flight service at all! Yes, they are divided into groups but, with your circumstances and the fact that they are in the business of helping people in need (and I can't think of anyone right now who is more in need than you are), they would probably split your trip by taking you to the point closest to the pickup of the other Angel group. Helen also attached another group like Angel Flight and I have added it again to my e-mail to you. Please, please Ginni, don't write-off something that you haven't checked into as yet -- why put out money neither you nor your sister has if you can get the help you need by people who have dediciated themselves to help the "in need" folks of this world. When you get on your feet and start working again, donate some money or your time; that would go a long, long way!! Let me know what you find out, I am very concerned!!!!! God Bless, and may He lead you on the path of knowledge for your journey, Amen!! Love you in Christ, Laura

This is the master website of Angel Flight Charitable Patient Medical Air Transportation Organization. All destinations of Angel Flight are listed here.

Perhaps someone has already made use of this service; and will volunteer information about their experience. Someone mentioned Angel Flight to me some time ago; and when I came upon it today, I knew I needed to share this website with all of you.

The goal of Angel Flight is: " ensure that no financially-needy patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for lack of a means of medical air transportation.


* Aeormedical Samaritan Ministry

* Aeromedical Transport for Veterans

* Angel Flight Central

* Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic

* Angel Flight Northeast

* Angel Flight Southeast

* Angel Flight South-Central

* Angel Flight West

* Children's Transport for Life

* Mercy Medical Airlift

* Patient-Ticket org

* Patient-Travel org

[] * There is much more information here!!! You will want to spend a little time getting to know more about Angel Flight. <> <<Angel Flight Charitable Patient Medical Air Transportation Organization.url>>

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> Angel Flight sounds like a wonderful organization and I wish I could
> contact
> them, but since I have to go from Florida to California (across the whole
> country) I am not sure they can help. They seem to have it divided into
> sections of the country. That is so great that they helped you. Luckily,
> my
> sister has offered to pay for our plane tickets so that we can get there.
> There is a program for medical emergencies where they give you a discount
> and
> also leave your return open ended because you can never be too sure with
> surgery which day you will be able to travel. Only certain airlines do
> this,
> however. I am so lucky that my sister offered even though it will be a
> hardship for her to help me. Thanks for sharing with me and letting me
> know
> about this organization, though. It was very kind. Ginni

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