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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Fri Feb 11 13:31:34 2000

Karla B.

I think we need to come up with another name for one of us or something......I was thinking Ginni was talking to me.....but then I have no boyfriend or husband to help me through all of this....thank God I have Bev! Karla...have you put your story on the quilt?

Bev is helping me set things up for surgery at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I think that unless they do some kind of fantastic job on my adhesions I will have to see Dr. Reich later. Unfortunately I have to have surgery Ginni. I am not obstructed, but I have a hernia the size of a football and it is at the site of my urostomy. Because of that I cannot achieve a seal of my urostomy appliance so I am constantly leaking urine. If I didn't have Bev to keep me busy I don't think I would be alive right now. The depression was getting so bad being cooped up in my apartment all the time. When I did venture out it was humiliating...I felt like everyone was always stare at me because my pants were soaking wet....or if they started sniffing it was because of my smelling. Now I spend a lot of time at Bev's....I still am self concious about things but I know that Bev understands and is nonjudgemental.

I pray every day that surgery #27 will be successful and that I won't need any more surgery. I also pray that each and every one of you will find peace and comfort and no longer have to deal with the pain. I pray that there is a Bev out there for each of you.....I know the Lord brought her to me when I needed her the most.

If any of you need help or just need someone to talk with write to me...until my computer gets fixed I am at Bev's address...but hopefully you can soon write to me at I used to work for the Social Security Administration processing claims so I am willing to give advice to people if they are interested or feel that they need help. I can't give any guarantees, but when I have helped people (usually just prior to the hearings level) they have all ended up being found disabled. I can't say that it was my doing, but a lot really depends on how you portray things and what your doctors say. Anyway, if you need help let me know.

God's Blessing to each and everyone of you!

Karla N.

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> Karla,
> I can so relate. I am a stick person now! Look like a really skinny boy!
> Cannot believe that some woman want to look like this. I keep thinking
about > after the surgery and eating my way back up again. I have so much sagging
> skin I look like 40 going on 85! Got to fill it back out. You must have
a > good boyfriend to be by your side through all this. My husband is great,
but > he has to be, he's stuck with me. Actually we are al blessed to have
spouses > that are there for us, sometimes I try to imagine if I could deal with it
if > the situation were reversed. It would be hard, but I would do it. But,
my > husband could not deal with this, he is in bed if he gets a cold. Also,
> because of your story, Karla, you have really helped me with your sharing.
> Thanks. Take care, Ginni

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