Re: surgery vs no surgery

From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 11 14:13:40 2000

At Fri, 11 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>I totally agree with you. It was so great to read a positive letter. I am
>totally blocked and have no choice but to have the surgery again. I am going
>to the best doctor I can, and only doing it because I am dying without it.
>That is what the doctors have said. It is so nice to read about someone
>(you) who has learned to live with it and make the best of a bad situation.
>I have learned so much from this site about new things to try, pain
>management, medications, therapy, mid/body connection and so many others.
>Thank you for your positive outlook and I wish you all the best. I see so
>many letters on here where it seems like the woman have just given up hope
>and it is not hopeless, there are people who suffer everywhere from all kinds
>of things. I applaud Helen, Bev and all of you who so openly share and give
>the rest of us (me) hope and support. Take care, Ginni


How did they find out you were blocked? Whhy are they waiting for surgery if you are blocked, and how are you moving your bowels at all? I still worry about my bowel being blocked. The feeling is just that I feel that way!


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