Re: Ladies Home Journal -- Ginni

Fri Feb 11 14:11:22 2000

Karla N: Yes, I have put my story oin the quilt, that was the 1st thing I came across in my internet use. I'm new ,very nrew to the net; ionly been on for 2-3 weeks! Believe it or not. My boyfriend is just beginning to find out what I'm going thru. He has bot been in mylife since my ectopic in '83 it was his child. We bvreoke up after my 2nd failed pregnancy in 86. Now we are back together afer 13 years apart & much growing. We want to make it nowe, even if I can't have his children. (whichj bothers me to no end, feel like 1/2 a woman). He want s to understand & help, I hope it works oput. Sometimes, he can;t understand why I'm still depressed when we have each other again. I just can't seem to help it. My new dr thinks that if we get my mental state back on track I can work on some of the other things wronmg w/me physicaly. I''m open to anything at this pioint. Also am trying herbals to see if they can help with0ut prescription meds. Not much luck so far , tho. I do have a Bev in my mother, she's been thru everything w/me from the start & is VERY SUPPOPRTIVE. She's also my best friend.. Thanks much! Karla B.

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