When first names are the same..........

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Fri Feb 11 15:06:29 2000

....it would be helpful to refer to these people by using the initial of their last name.

Currently there are 2 Karla's. Not everyone is familiar with their individual adhesions' experience. This is what helps me to know which one is which:

Karla B. ( Kb1707tiamet@aol.com )-- is from New York. She's tried many times to obtain Social Security Disability; but so far has been unsuccessful. She will be seeking the help of another person, who has had some experience in seeking disability; so Karla B. may just be able to achieve her goal.

Karla N. (ifirgit@up.net )-- is from Wisconsin. She has had 26 surgeries already and is looking at her 27th surgery - not because she wants to have this surgery; but because it is a necessity for her to have this surgery. Karla N.'s computer is being fixed; so Karla N. will be sending messages from Bev's( bnb@cybrzn.com ) computer for awhile.

I hope this will help prevent confusion.

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