Re: surgery vs no surgery

Fri Feb 11 15:40:41 2000

Toni, If I eat any solid food at all, last time tried four small bites of mashed potatoes, I vomit about every fifteen minutes for hours, to the point of throwing up green bile and get very dehydrated. My doctor told me if I didn't want to risk full bowel obstruction to go on liquids only, then after two weeks tried again to eat something soft with the same results. Now sometimes it happens while only on liquids. Have to drink only so much so often, etc. He feels the bowel is completely closed up at some point. I think a lot of my constant nausea is caused by the adhesions affecting my stomach, it actually lifts it, twists it and adheres it upside down to the anterior abdominal wall. No wonder I can't eat. I have to take many laxatives and mineral oil daily to just pass gas at this point, that is why I am so anxious to get the surgery. The pain is unbearable. I take Vicoden for pain (which makes me jittery so I can only take 1/2) and since seeing so many people on the site taking Ultram asked for that and started taking it yesterday. One is not enough so he called today and said try two. We will see. Take nausea suppositories just to be able to keep my meds down. Too much. Hate this but it is the way it is for now. Take care and e-mail me any time you need to talk. Ginni

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