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Sat Feb 12 20:32:10 2000

Dear Robyn, I am answering this as you asked about pain meds. I have been on Methadone for 2 years. I take it every four hours ( 20 mgs.). Along with it I take 600 mgs of Neurontin. This drug has been a miracle for me. It is used for epilepsy to slow the shaking. I have had some nerve involvement in my surgeries, however, Neurontin is used widely for pain. It is not a narcotic and there are very few side effects. In total, I take 22 pills a day counting my Prozac, horomones and Trazadone. I live a fairly normal life this way, taking classes and taking care of my family. Most people don't know that I am sick. However, I have decided to take one more try at surgery. I am flying to Germany next month to have my surgery done by a doctor who has had much success with the Intergel. I refuse to live like this!! I'll keep you posted. Good luck to you. Joanne ... CButman

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Hi everyone.Ihave just arrived home from another stint in hospital with a small bowel obstruction and severe bowel spasms.Every time I obstuct I seem to suffer these horrendous spasms.I begged them two nights ago to please let me die.I just could not stand it anymore.Even the pethidine was not working so they put an epidural marcaine infusion in and it was great,no pain but I couldnot walk either.My pain management Dr. said I can have this infusion any time it gets bad so I said "you had better make this bed my permanet home because I dont want to give this infusion up".My normal pain meds are 30mg of mis cont morning and night as well as 75mg of endep at night.This is still not getting me pain free or stopping the soreness of my swollen abdomen.I also find that the morphine is causing my hair to fall out.Has anyone else exprienced this.I told the doc but he wasnt at all interested.I woud like to find someone else but pain management places here in Australia are few and far between.Can anyone give me some suggestions on pain med.My urologist who is really great and my rock is trying to find someone too.He never gets upset even if I ring him in the middle of the night in bad pain,he just says for me to go up to the hospital and he will get me some relief.He has also warned me to have no more surgery unless it is life and death.However he is very interested to find out about this intergel and what its success has been.I would like to know from anyone who has had the treatment or who is thinking of it.Im at the stage where I would willingly try it.Thanks for listening to my gripes,Robyne.

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