Re: Looking for Support

From: alanbaleyko (
Sun Feb 13 07:17:54 2000

Dear Christy, We are here for you! You can write to me anytime. Twelve years is a long time to go without anyone who understands. Hang in there, you have come to the right place. Jessica Baleyko

Christy wrote:

> I have been an adhesion sufferer for almost 12 years and have felt alone
> until I found this web site.
> I have adhesions in my uterus, around my pancreas and my liver and have
> already had 5 surgeries to help the problem but the pain is back and so
> are the complications.
> Is there anyone out there who may be able to help give me support when
> the pain and depression gets to much to bare?
> Hope to hear from someone soon,
> Christy

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