Re: dealing with the pain

From: Susan_OR (
Sun Feb 13 12:40:25 2000

Hi Julie...I was just wondering if your bowel problems got worse after you had your gall bladder out? I had mine out last March and it was supposed to help the bowel problems and pain. Afterwards, the bowel problem was worse and my doctor told me that this happens to 10% of the people who have this operation. It would have been nice if someone had mentioned that BEFORE surgery. I assumed I would feel much much better but it only got worse.

Take Care, Susan

At Sun, 13 Feb 2000, julie wrote: >
>I am new to the board and so glad i found it. I cannot stand this
>anymore, the pain is driving me insane. I would love to have a pin free
>day. My job suffers and so does my family. i have alot of gas and
>bowel movements are either alot of mucas and runny or none at all. Sorry
>that is so gross. But i finnally feel like i found a place where people
>understand the hell I am going through. I have not had any surgeries
>yet to take out any of the adhesions. Now i am scarred do they work? My
>doctor says mine are probley the result of two c-sections. But the pain
>has gotten worse after i had my gall bladder out last june. Does it
>ever get better?
>julie macareno

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