Helen-pain management

From: Tina Shelby (tshelby@usit.net)
Mon Feb 14 15:07:43 2000

Helen and all,

I will gladly share my pain management program. My program starts with my family practice physician. He has been my doctor for about 8 years, so he is very familiar with my case what I have to deal with at times.

First, let me breifly describe my symptoms. The cruelest thing I deal with is the unpredictability of the episodes, which consists of sudden onset of severe left lower abdominal pain. As our dear departed Christine so accurately described the pain, it is like everything in the abdomen is being puuled to that area. Anyway, vomiting, and explosive diarrhea follows. If I can't get the pain under control, I end up in the ER. Dehydrated, running fever, with an elevated WBC. That usually requires an IV for rehydration and antibiotics, and demerol for pain relief.

So my doctor has me on Oxycontin 10 mgs. as I need it. I take it on average - 3-5 days a week. I has been great in preventing episodes. I also take mineral oil, levsin, lomotil, Procardia (for neuro damage), premarin, and elavil. I am on a low residue diet. I have found, like many of you, that I do better when I am busy, not dwelling on just me. So I occupy my time by getting at least one household chore and one load of clothes done a day. I spend some time on the computer, keeping up with everyone here. I just got a piano, so I am going to take back up playing the piano. I have a new nephew, so I help take care of him. Since I am unable to have children, he is the joy of my life right now.

Anyway, this is my pain management program. I appreciate this group so much. We have so much knowledge and experiences to share with each other. I am always interested in what others have found that helps or things that haven't.

Thanks again


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