From: Sherman (
Tue Feb 15 05:41:07 2000

For some reason, this question seems more personal to me than all the physical details we've shared, which makes it difficult to ask. My question is whether or not any of you have had a personal relationships fall apart due to your medical problems? Or if not due to them, then during them?

My husband and I have been through alot together, and I love him very much, but as a brother. It has always been that way, even before my body started falling apart. We decided on a (very friendly) divorce even before this latest medical crisis, but this has been part of what has kept the divorce from happening. Basically, I am not eligible for health insurance at my job, so I am on his insurance. So, I can't afford it. Between that and the fact that he is still in love with me, it's made for an extremely awkward situation all around. It can't be helping the medical problems.

I was just curious as to how ya'll may be handling any relationship-related problems.


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